About us

You will find Beskow Humlegården at the attractive address Engelbrektsgatan 9-11, which is located in the heart of Stockholm City. Our office guests can enjoy all our amenities that we have to offer. Our meeting and office rooms give you access to work in an inspiring building, while you get energy from our Nespresso machine, around the clock.

The historic building built in 1887 is filled with details reminiscent of the time when former Prime Ministers of Sweden Olof Palme and Hjalmar Branting, King Gustav V and singer Sven-Bertil Taube went to school here. Today the walls are adorned with paintings showing historical figures who attended Beskow’s school during the years the school was active. In the beginning the school was only intended for boys and girls were not welcome until 1948. The school was closed in 1976 and the building have since been used as a training facility until it was renovated into office spaces. Today the high ceiling and the large light inlets are combined with modern tones and design without compromising on the history of the building.

Beskow Humlegården is a part of Berg Group

Berg Group is a family-owned group of companies with revenues in the region of 1000 million SEK primarily operating in three different areas.

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